S. No.: Topic Link
1 The Plunderers of Hope http://bit.ly/2hKJIKA
2 women and Afghanistan extractive industries http://bit.ly/2jiqg8i
3 Comparative study of mining sector http://bit.ly/2jPozmT
4 Hajigak baseline survey http://bit.ly/2A0qefW
5 Aynak  Concession for exchange http://bit.ly/2Besb63
6 Chromite extraction in Kunar factor of instability http://bit.ly/2jNac2A
7 Hajigak the jewel of Afghanistan http://bit.ly/2AlTBty
8 Hajigak the Jewel of Afghanistan 2011 environmental friendly http://bit.ly/2Ani8i7
9 The Aynak’s copper mine 2008 http://bit.ly/2jgUIQj