The decisions which were made are

Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) held a meeting on 31th May 2016. The aim of meeting was to introduce the Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) activities for new members, introduce EITI, EITI 4th reconciliation report, and amendments in mineral law. Issues about Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) and EITI Coalition was presented by Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) organization who leads the both MWA viagra spain and EITI Coalition.
The decisions which were made are: Sayed Ikram Afzali Integrity Watch Afghanistan organization?s director and a member of viagra naturel femme montreal Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) will present the Afghanistan mining issues from Mining Watch cialis prix algerie Afghanistan (MWA) address in the international meeting in Turkey, if all Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) members would be agree. And other decision was; the Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA) leader should prepared its three months clear work plan before the Brussels conference and the network is going to lobby for amendments in mineral law.